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The DJR Environmental team brings

together over 50 years of collective

experience in environmental 

sustainability services and project



Our clients include a diverse range of

government agencies, businesses,

industries and social enterprises.


DJR Environmental is a member of the

Waste Management Association of

Australia; Compost Victoria; & the International Solid Waste Association.





About Us

David Rako, Director, DJR Environmental Pty Ltd has worked in the environmental management field for the past 25 years, particularly in waste minimisation and management. David has direct involvement in all DJR Environmental projects.


Claudio Senese, Senior Environmental Consultant, brings a strong background in organisational and project management with over 30 years' experience to his credit. He is skilled in the provision of risk and environmental management frameworks for large organisations and major infrastructure projects.


DJR Environmental has a strong commitment to environmental sustainability. This is reflected in many practical ways, including the business being a tenant in the Australian Conservation Foundation's 60L Building in Carlton. 60L is one of the premier green commercial buildings in Australia, providing a workplace that seeks an efficient approach to energy and water consumption, and the use of recycled and re-used materials.


Our organisation & commitments:

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